Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Magical Magic Kingdom 02/27/2016

As an annual passholders my husband and I try to frequent Disney World once a month, sometimes more! I went 2/27/16 with a great friend and her daughter. 


I had acquired FP to Under the Sea, Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan’s Flight. When we arrived there was a line to get into the parking lot but we ended up by Scar, there was another line to take the ferry so we waited, we waited to check our bags at security followed by a 1 hour wait at Will Call to pick up her annual pass. Once at the desk I inquired if there was anything they could do because so far it had not been the magical trip I promised. The gentleman at the counter was very accommodating and provided us with 2 FP to any ride, any time in Magic Kingdom for the day!

In the park we rushed to Under the Sea and then Belle’s store by Gaston’s Tavern...there maybe something there that wasn’t there before, possibly a new book!? 

 Upon checking My Disney Experience app I noticed one of the amazing passes was missing and Ariel was still there...whoops!! I questioned the nearest Captain cast member and he brought me to the FP kiosk line. We discussed all things Disney until my friend motioned to a woman trying to cut ahead so I told the cast member and he asked the woman to please go to the back. She began to berate us and everyone in line, screaming and waving her hands about how she was right and she was waiting, etc. The family behind us also got involved to argue with her. This went back and forth for a minute until I said forget it, this is not worth ruining my trip! She went ahead and received her FP to the rides that were left but because of my reaction the cast member then took us on a once in a lifetime experience!



We went through every princess line and were able to take pictures with each one, including Belle! After the last princess we parted ways to have lunch at Pinocchio’s Village Haus. We went on Haunted Mansion and enjoyed a Dole Whip followed by Pirates of the Caribbean. Our dinner at Be Our Guest was only 2 hours away so we wandered the Emporium until it was time to go. 

  In the Emporium I discovered new Belle ears! 

Once we arrived at Be Our Guest the host led us to our table while going over the restaurant and menu. Our server was good but a little slow. We had the meat and cheese board for an appetizer and the steak and braised pork for dinners. Everything was wonderful, the food, music, d├ęcor and we got to meet the Beast!

All in all it was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back next weekend for KB’s 1st birthday!! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

A few opinions on relationships

These are purely my opinions…I may not be right to other people but neither are you.

What’s wrong with relationships today? Why do people let themselves go? Sorry if I offend, sort of, but you should maintain your best possible self. That’s not saying be on your best behavior at all times, that’s saying just because you’re with them now doesn’t mean they have to stay. I'm not implying you can't have bad days but let them know why you're upset, don't let them figure it out. What drives me crazy is when a woman 'changes', she thinks once he falls in love she can let her bad habits fly...that doesn't make sense, you're basically telling me he fell in love with someone he didn't really know to begin with. You tricked him, don't snap at me “they love me for who I am”, NO! they love the girl they fell in love with. Maybe some people feel differently but not any I talk with. People are too scared to sit down with the person they’re seeing and discuss anything that they disagree with, they wait till it’s an explosion or cheat or just break up. You should better yourself, they should make you want to be the best possible version of you that you can be. You need to smile at them, because of them. Tell them you love them when you feel it not because you have to. Don’t get stuck in a rut because you’ve been together so long!! Go to the zoo on a Sunday, how about an observatory during a clear night? Make a pizza together, follow him into the shower or build model rockets to shoot off, because if you’re old to each other anybody else will be new.

This part is for girls that want to be in an equal relationship, do you really share equally? Do you pay as much as he does? Do you buy him gifts? Do you equally share the love? I’m going out on a limb to say 96% of you don’t. You say “I pay sometimes but he’s the guy so he should pay more” why? I hear “I don’t really like giving blowies but he has to go down town if he wants any” huh? You’re not equal, you’re a selfish brat who’s pretending to be even so you can preach to other people. When you drag him out with your friends do you return the favor with poker or football night? Don’t play hard to get if you don’t want a guy to play hard to keep. What makes you so entitled to get but never give? I bet what you offer, any other girl can AND she buys popcorn if he gets tickets, I’m aware the popcorn is cheaper than the movie but the point I’m trying to make is contribute. How about you grab the check one night or go ahead online and buy those tickets? Actions go a lot further than words. Some guys like paying for everything and good for them, if you happen to have one of those guys you better be putting out. I heard some wise advice once, if you give him what he wants he won’t have to go somewhere else. My apologies but it couldn’t be more true, to me, guys don’t ask for much and when they do it doesn’t take away from your life does it? If you don’t want to go out of your way or at least do something to make them happy then why are you with them? No excuse. If my boyfriend wanted a t-shirt he saw I would go online, find it and buy it not forget about it and assume he’ll get it himself. I experience pure pleasure in seeing the smile on someone’s face when I hand them a gift or say something nice. It takes a lot less effort to be sweet instead of a bitch. Plenty of people don’t show their feelings but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be appreciated or complimented. If you’re going home to a significant other tonight why don’t you pick up their favorite dessert, rub their feet, scratch their back, play with their hair, watch a show they like or give them a blowie?

Irrational senseless females and the men who put up with them.

Why are there so many psycho girls out there who make it bad for the normal ones? I don’t understand why guys stay with them, let alone marry them! Is it some caveman instinct to fight for something even if it’s not worth it?

I have a best male friend who has fallen into this trap THREE times! For the purpose of this blog he’ll be Mark. I met Mark after his first engagement was broken off because she cheated and left him for a younger guy. We became the greatest friends divulging in our secrets of the world and came to the quick realization that we stay even when it gets bad because A) we feel bad and B) the next one will probably be just as crazy if not worse (horrible train of thought). Eventually he got back with her and they were re-engaged, which promptly ended a few months later. It was very hard for him to stay single because he insisted that he was ‘meant to be married’ (another horrible train of thought)! As you’re probably assuming, he was engaged to marry for a THIRD time (new girl but same name, coincidence?) nevertheless this wasn’t any ol’ proposal, not for Mark, this was a 2 week of knowing you proposal. Maleficent is what we’ll call her. She was ‘perfect’- outgoing, made him laugh, good shape, sexy, fun…you get the picture. How could he pass up this opportunity to be with A girl of his dreams. The moment “precious” molded to her greedy, jealous, selfish, ugly ring finger her true side emerged like a succubus queen. I’m not sure if the weight or screaming came first, it was too awful to bare. She immediately demanded his passwords…to everything. She insisted checking his phone at night, having his Facebook alerts connected to her email, etc. Then came the purging. Friends and loved ones thrown into the abyss, cast aside to make way for Mark’s dungeon. Maleficent swore that he had cheated with me, since this was farce it frustrated Mark and I very much. We tried to maintain an open friendship but it was cast in the shadows forcing late night calls and secret emails from made up screen names…fun but annoying regardless. I urged him to break it off but he informed me she promised to get better, she had a history of being cheated on and wanted to make sure it would never happen again. On the subject but off topic *IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU SEARCH OR WHAT THE LEVEL OF PRISONER IS, IF SOMEONE WANTS TO CHEAT THEY WILL* Making a very long story short they got married, sort of. She put on 15 pounds +, wrote to me pretending to be him, stabbed him with a fork and shouted blasphemies all while pretending to be the victim. It’s been hell on Earth for over a year but it’s trickling to an end thanks to my persistent pushing for him to walk away. He is too young to think his life is over and he will not find someone else. This horror story happens all to often, and we choose to ignore it. I propose an organization or group session to abolish nutcase women and their deceiving ways. I’m not surprised tales like this make good men fear good women. Mark is patiently waiting for their lease to expire and is in the process of maintaining singlehood to his surprising happiness and my sanity.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Various pictures of me in my stimulating world

I'm going to assume this is Facebook meets Instagram meets a Diary and it will be treated as such until I'm told otherwise.
I really adore the new trend of exerting yourself while getting completely filthy for a t-shirt and beer...I hope to do Tough Mudder at the end of this year!!

Here's me after the Warrior Dash dining on delectable delicacies.

I also love skydiving...you can see me here (with my stepdad) preparing to jump from a plane.

I like cannons as well.

Hello World this is Brady! He's the absolute love of my life and being 88 pounds he also takes up a lot of bed.