Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Magical Magic Kingdom 02/27/2016

As an annual passholders my husband and I try to frequent Disney World once a month, sometimes more! I went 2/27/16 with a great friend and her daughter. 


I had acquired FP to Under the Sea, Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan’s Flight. When we arrived there was a line to get into the parking lot but we ended up by Scar, there was another line to take the ferry so we waited, we waited to check our bags at security followed by a 1 hour wait at Will Call to pick up her annual pass. Once at the desk I inquired if there was anything they could do because so far it had not been the magical trip I promised. The gentleman at the counter was very accommodating and provided us with 2 FP to any ride, any time in Magic Kingdom for the day!

In the park we rushed to Under the Sea and then Belle’s store by Gaston’s Tavern...there maybe something there that wasn’t there before, possibly a new book!? 

 Upon checking My Disney Experience app I noticed one of the amazing passes was missing and Ariel was still there...whoops!! I questioned the nearest Captain cast member and he brought me to the FP kiosk line. We discussed all things Disney until my friend motioned to a woman trying to cut ahead so I told the cast member and he asked the woman to please go to the back. She began to berate us and everyone in line, screaming and waving her hands about how she was right and she was waiting, etc. The family behind us also got involved to argue with her. This went back and forth for a minute until I said forget it, this is not worth ruining my trip! She went ahead and received her FP to the rides that were left but because of my reaction the cast member then took us on a once in a lifetime experience!



We went through every princess line and were able to take pictures with each one, including Belle! After the last princess we parted ways to have lunch at Pinocchio’s Village Haus. We went on Haunted Mansion and enjoyed a Dole Whip followed by Pirates of the Caribbean. Our dinner at Be Our Guest was only 2 hours away so we wandered the Emporium until it was time to go. 

  In the Emporium I discovered new Belle ears! 

Once we arrived at Be Our Guest the host led us to our table while going over the restaurant and menu. Our server was good but a little slow. We had the meat and cheese board for an appetizer and the steak and braised pork for dinners. Everything was wonderful, the food, music, d├ęcor and we got to meet the Beast!

All in all it was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back next weekend for KB’s 1st birthday!! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Various pictures of me in my stimulating world

I'm going to assume this is Facebook meets Instagram meets a Diary and it will be treated as such until I'm told otherwise.
I really adore the new trend of exerting yourself while getting completely filthy for a t-shirt and beer...I hope to do Tough Mudder at the end of this year!!

Here's me after the Warrior Dash dining on delectable delicacies.

I also love skydiving...you can see me here (with my stepdad) preparing to jump from a plane.

I like cannons as well.

Hello World this is Brady! He's the absolute love of my life and being 88 pounds he also takes up a lot of bed.